Takagi TH3JDVLP Tankless Water Heater, 6.6-Gallon per Minute

Released in 2010, the T-KJr2-IN & T-KJr2-OS are the smallest water heaters in the Takagi tankless line. This small, but the power unit can meet all the hot-water needs of a small American home or apartment with one or two bathrooms. Designed to virtually do anything a 40-gallon tank-type water heater can do and more, the compact, wall-mounted T-K Jr. can support hydronic baseboard or radiant floor heating applications, as well as provide domestic hot water to plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, the T-KJr2-IN can be converted into a direct-vent unit by using the optional TV10 conversion kit for installation in a garage, a utility closet, or any confined space in which makeup air may be limited.

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Inlet, outlet thermistors for constant temperature monitoring Perfect for light residential and radiant heating applications Manufactured in Japan
Product description

With gas inputs of 160,000 BTU, the T-H3J can produce enough hot water for two bathrooms in warmer climates or 1.5 baths in colder climates.

From the Manufacturer

With gas inputs of 160,000 BTU, the T-H3J can produce enough hot water for two bathrooms in warmer climates or 1.5 baths in colder climates.

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Our Customer Reviews:
 But overall super pleased. 
By Tom on March 26, 2019
Verified Purchase
We purchased this hot water heater in summer 2018 for our off-grid tiny house. The first one came to us very damaged, thanks to FedEx. But the sale was amazing to us and replaced it immediately and took care of sending the damaged one back to them. Very good customer service from the seller!

Pros: you get hot water very fast!!! I was very surprised! I have 120 degrees F hot water in about 30-40 seconds in the shower or the kitchen sink. Very quiet unit and has small lights to know when working or not. So thankful the lights are not super bright and they use very little electricity. The unit seems to be very efficient, we do not go thru a lot of propane.

Cons: This unit is kinda big. Yes, we read the size according to the manufacturer and we planned accordingly but it is still pretty big. There is also a line that you have to connect to your greywater system to get rid of the toxic/acidic exhaust once the water has finished heating up. It's how the system keeps itself clean. So there are just five lines of stuff coming and going from the unit. With living in a tiny house, we were just not able to put it in a closet to hide all of it.
If we build another house, big or small, we will purchase another one of these hot water heaters. They truly work very well!

 It works great!
on January 25, 2019
Verified Purchase
We just completed the installation late this afternoon. Converted from a 21-year-old propane tank heater and it was a pleasure to help handcart it out the door. The conversion was a bit of a challenge but with our contractor's help, we got it done. We used the DiversiTech CVENT-3 Concentric Vent Termination Kit and you can see in the picture how we positioned it. We also used the Watts 3/4-LFTWH-FT-HCN-RV Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit, with Pressure Relief Valve and the Aqua-Pure AP430SS Hot Water System Protector. I highly recommend this water heater and the additional parts I chose.

It's first assignment was a load in the dishwasher. I jumped in the shower about halfway through the cycle and had no water supply issues. I left it set at the default 120 degrees and I had to mix in a little cold water. I am nearly 71 with a very bad back and lots of arthritis. I find a very hot bath before bed helps my so just before bed I was able to take the best bath ever! Time to hit the sack and get a good night's sleep.

 Works perfectly.
on March 3, 2018
Verified Purchase
Ticks away like a Dream, I use this to heat my home (in-floor heating) set to 140 and run approx 2GPM. It was 6 inches shorter than the unit it was replacing but very close to plug and play. Being in Ontario and having a short exhaust stack (20 feet) No need to tweak the dip switches. has been up and running for almost 2 months and no issues. throws heat almost instantly from the time of ignition and a short pre-light cycle ( about 10 seconds from demand too HOT HOT water)

 Find your own installer
on March 7, 2018
Verified Purchase
So far love this water heater, but had a very bad experience with the installer through Amazon. The person arrived on time as scheduled but was not a qualified professional. I called his supervisor before starting a job who said since my current heater wasn't tankless that I should by for a new installation instead of replacement. I told him I wanted to cancel, then he offered a 'deal' if I dealt directly with him, and not through Amazon having no hot water for a week, I took the offer. Installer left exposed wiring out of the electric outlet he tapped into, definitely not up to code. Used duct tape to 'seal' gas exhaust pipe to outdoors. He gave me his personal card at the end of the job for his own side business as a professional painter. Next time I will hire my own professional!

Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 GPM IndoorTankless Natural Gas Water Heater

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  • 94-Percent Energy efficient with stainless-steel condensing heat exchanger
  • Intelligent electronic controls designed to increase energy efficiency and safety
  • Third party efficiency listed by AHRI
  • Up to 38-Feet of 3-Inch PVC Pipe or 5-Feet of 2-Inch PVC Pipe
  • Low Nox Version

Item Information:

Rheem Prestige Series Indoor Condensing Tankless Hot water heater – RTGH-95DVLN
The concerns of ever requiring you to run out of difficulties during a nice shower area or bath are over with all the new Rheem Prestige RTGH-95DVLN. With the new space-saving design, provide warmth and heat inside your water supply while conserving money on energy costs!
The Rheem RTGH-95DVLN Indoor Tankless Hot water heater is forged with a stainless condensing heat exchanger making maximum durability.

 This system is rated to become 94% efficient and is particularly energy star rated! It is the high performance tankless hot water heater, operating at 199, 000 BTUs. It is usually rated the industry first and best for that low. 26 GPM minimum flow rate plus the. 40 GPM minimum service flow rate. Moreover, for maximum versatility, the Rheem Prestige Water Heater gives you a 2-pipe direct vent system which could connect up to 35ft connected with 3” PVC pipe or perhaps 5ft of 2” PVC water pipe.

Usage is just as easy that has a digital remote controller that is certainly linked with a 10ft thermostat line, which displays temperature options and maintenance codes. This hot water heater unit requires no thin air chip with its capability of functioning 9, 840ft earlier mentioned sea level. The Rheem Tankless Hot water heater also features a self-diagnostic system for any problems or maintenance needs; providing ease and peace of mind.

With both an unique Guardian overheat film wrap as well as a built-in electric blower; the particular worries or fears with regards to fire prevention are significantly minimized. The Rheem Prestige will also be converted to commercial quality use with RTG20224A conversion kit on your local office or organization. You are also eligible for a tax-rebate credit with your Rheem Tankless Water Heating unit (only in locations exactly where applicable). Enable yourself to operate continuous and consistent difficulties with this energy saving, compact and economical hot water heater.

Customer Reviews:
 This Review is from:David Emerson

We did a great amount of research before buying this product! Even called Rheem to make sure the guarantee was in place if purchased through Amazon. It is! We had debated about purchasing a Tankless Water Heater when we purchased the previous one in 2006. In 5 1/2 yrs it was completely rusted through at the bottom and was leaking! This time we decided to go Tankless and are so glad we followed through! We bought the condensing one and feel that is imperative! It worked perfectly from the beginning. We are only two but purchased this with an eye to the future of a larger family living here! 

Eccotemp FVI-12-LP High Capacity Propane Tankless Water Heater

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Product Description: 

The incredibly efficient Eccotemp FVI12-LP Tankless Water Heater uses an intense propane flame to instantly heat water the moment it passes through the heater exchanger. So, as long as you feed water in, hot water will come out! With the included Horizontal Vent Kit, this Eccotemp FVI12-LP Tankless Water Heater ready to install for indoor use right out of the box. Great for cabins and smaller homes, so you don't bust your budget for a hot shower! It can be used with a 20 to 100-pound (lb.) propane tank (tank and hoses not included). The EccotempFVI12-LP Tankless Water Heater is a manual water heater. This means that any water temperature adjustments must be made at the face of the unit using the knobs for water flow and gas pressure. Mixing cold water at your output source is not recommended.
Product Feature: 

Whole home indoor, propane-powered tankless water heater, that activates only when in use, making it an energy saver. For indoor installation with safe, efficient power ventilation and perfect for any small home, cabin or apartment.
Easy to read digital temperature display, on a compact and space-saving design with minimal noise output.
Safe electronic ignition system; plugs into standard 120-volt electrical outlet with UL-listed cord.
Uses standard 1/2" NPT water fittings and is equipped with easy to use manual water temperature controls.

    Customers Reviews:

    By Thomas
    Incredible, what else is there to say? We bought this water heater for our RV, and it has been a dream! We fulltime in our RV, and use it on a daily basis. The only time we have issues is when the water pressure is too low, not a fault of the heater. We read reviews that complained about the freezing issue, we mounted the unit on an inside wall perpendicular to the outside wall to where it was vented. This kept the coils away from the colder outside wall, and yes it got cold this winter, and we never had one issue with freezing.

    By Paul

    I love Japanese baths. My outdoor tub had a wood fired heater for years and it finally sprung leaks.
    So far; heats 400 gallons to 112 f in about 3 hours ? (not measured) Faster than the wood stove and a lot less work.Circulation with a large aquarium pump works well I think if the heater is in a cabinet it will think it's indoors. GOOD!

    By Kethie

    If you have LP and want a water heater that never runs out, this is amazing! Easy to install (if you are a plumber/HVAC competent individual) and very lightweight. The customer service from the company in response to our inquiries before purchasing this was quite knowledgeable as well.
    Keep in mind that you cannot run every single hot water appliance at the same time (dishes and bathing doesn't work as well). It is much more efficient than the tank water heaters.