Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 4 GPM

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  • On-unit temperature control
  • LEDs indicate active element and standby mode
  • Standard 1/2" water connection
  • Rugged brass/copper heat ex-changer
  • Modulating power

Customers Reviews:

 By: RAS
I just finished installing this water heater in my yoga studio. I have a powder room and an outside shower, with a laundry sink in the garden shed. This heater is amazing. I have it set on "medium" and the water is plenty hot and almost instantaneous. 
I have used the shower a few times and not run out of hot water. Plenty of volume for my needs. It is about the size of a Webster's dictionary and very easy to mount. Be aware that you need to run at least 3' of copper tubing from both sides of this thing so if you have plastic pipe you will have to make modifications. Also, you need to have enough electric service to handle a 240v, 60A breaker. 
It says to use 6 ga. wire, but the pigtail on the unit is 8 ga. Use your own judgement here.
★  By: Marshallf3
I expected a unit of this size to put out hotter water when flowing to a single sink. It's usable but not as good as others I've used. I'd hate to think of what the lower wattage models would do.
It also has the annoying habit of occasionally switching on for a few seconds even when not in use, there's no reason for this to keep the few ounces of water it keeps inside already warmed up.
 By: Robert Jones
Love it! Hot water instantly. Using it in our bedroom, bathroom, Laundry room and is totally capable of keeping up with usage. Love the fact that I don't have to remember to turn off breaker when we leave lake house. Highly recommended

Max Flow: 4.0 Gallons Per Minute
Minimum Activation: 0.4 Gallons Per Minute
Voltage: 240 Volt (13 KW)
Required Breaker: 60A
Length: 10 Inches
Width: 7 1/4 Inches
Weight: 8 lbs